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As a league run by some of its members we survive on participant fees, fund raising through events and tickets at games and the generosity of our supporters and volunteers (we love our cakes). We don’t have a big organisation or sponsorship and we would really appreciate your generosity as every single £1 helps towards our team.

We are currently playing in the British Championships and representing our City in the run up to City of Sport and City of Culture 2021.

If you could spare some change or maybe skip that coffee tomorrow, and hit the PayPal button below we would be very grateful.

Your name will appear on our sponsors list on the website and we will mention you in meetings and team briefings. Where possible we will include sponsors on our game leaflets as a token of your support. If you wish to support us financially in any greater context then please get in touch. We are launching a Patreon style support/reward scheme later in the year. In the meantime please do try and visit our games, drop us a few quid or just give us a retweet or like on the social media interwebs.

Many Thanks